We are a community.

Ours is a community that is inclusive to all - you are part of this community simply by saying you are part of this community.

We believe in inclusion in all of its facets and we strive to ensure that all people, including people with disabilities, are included in our societies. We do not see disabilities but rather diversity and alternative abilities. We are committed to dignity and respect for all and we actively work to further that ideal in our lives, our work and our local communities.

We are brought together through technology and driven by a shared passion. We are engineers and designers, researchers and writers, artists and advocates, educators and businesses, users and more. It matters not what we do personally but rather, how we do it. We are a global community, with members from all walks of life and every continent on the planet. We are individually strengthened by our membership in this community and we in turn share that strength back to our other communities, when we can, however we can, simply because we know that the strength of this community is our most precious asset.

We acknowledge that each person in this community brings something to the community that collectively we need and want. Each member brings us a greater collective value. We do not measure the contributions of others but simply celebrate in the fact that others share the same goals that we do.

We have adopted the silver ribbon as a visible sign of our community - one that we are proud to be part of. Membership and participation in this community cost you nothing but commitment. It does not bestow upon you any special rights or privileges and it is not a sign that you have any special talents or expertise. It is simply an outward expression of your commitment to these beliefs and a celebration of the fact that others in this world share these same aspirations and ideals.

To one and all, we collectively say "Welcome".